Our Professional Rug Cleaning Process

Fast Green Carpet Clean is recognized as one of the most professional and trusted carpet and rug cleaners across the city. Our expert cleaning team is IICRC certified and is equipped with a promising area rug cleaning profile. Whether you have a Persian rug, Oriental rug, or any other type, we can help you with professional cleaning services that speak for themselves. Now it is easy for you to get rid of rug stains, spots, and dirt with our trusted and qualified team.

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How We Do It

Rug cleaning requires special care and attention because it requires various cleaning materials and protocols. If you do not have an appropriate place for rug cleaning at your home, we have got you covered. Our pickup team will pick your rug from your residence and perform the cleaning process at our facility. Before we begin, we will notify you about the estimated time and the total cost. Our high-end cleaning machines and quality cleaning agents combined with the excellence of our team will make your rug cleaning experience worthwhile.

Here is the process of cleaning listed below for your familiarity.

  • We start with inspection of your rug looking for stains, and then come up with the appropriate cleaning method.
  • We use special equipment to remove embedded dirt and debris from within the rug. Our heavy-duty equipment removes filth that traditional vacuum cleaners miss.
  • After that, we apply a gentle organic cleaning solution with heated pre-treatment that helps in removal of stains, spots, or signs of pet urine.
  • We clean the fringe of rugs by hand, making sure to clean every strand of thread that makes up the edge.
  • We use another organic solution for the steam cleaning and rinsing phase. We go over the back and front of the rug to make sure that the rug is thoroughly cleaned
  • After cleaning and rinsing your rug, we go over it with another hand tool to revitalize the texture and restore the soft feeling of the rug.
  • We have a unique drying process that is designed to dry your rug quickly and to maintain its appearance and strength.
  • We can apply a protective treatment like Scotch Guard and our Antimicrobial treatment to prevent stains and pet accidents from harming the fabric of your rug.
  • We then do a final inspection to make sure that your rug is in perfect condition. We roll it up, tie it and package it to protect it while it is in the truck on its way back to your home or business.
  • We deliver your newly cleaned and refreshed rug to your home or business and reinstall it.

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